Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough


Private Flute Lessons

I am currently accepting students of all levels, from beginners to advanced students and adult amateurs. I also teach all levels of Baroque flute (traverso, one-keyed wooden flute). 

Lessons are taught weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I also teach college students during summer months. Lessons are 30, 45 or 60-minutes in length. Please contact me for information on scheduling and fees. 

Flute lessons will include technique (all types of scales, arpeggios and other exercises) tone development, musical interpretation of all styles from the Renaissance period to contemporary (including extended techniques and improvisation). Baroque study will include ornamentation (French, German and Italian including improvisation), articulation, phrase structure and musical rhetoric. 

Repertoire will include the following:

  • Technique: 17 Big Daily Exercises by Taffanel/Gaubert; Moyse tone studies, Charles DeLaney technique studies and others
  • Etudes (at least one prepared each lesson) by Anderson, Boehm, Kohler, Karg-Elert, etc. 
  • Solo Repertoire: public school students will play repertoire from the NYSSMA manual plus other works as recommended by Dr. Hansbrough. Repertoire list will follow shortly.
  • Sight Reading study including playing duets at the end of each lesson with Dr. Hansbrough
  • Orchestral excerpts for advanced students

Repertoire study will be determined by level of student and by events such as NYSSMA festivals and ESYO auditions. 

Baroque flute: Lessons are open to anyone who wishes to study this wonderful instrument (non-flutists as well). I have instruments to loan if you do not currently own a baroque flute. Study will include fundamentals such as hand position, tone production, learning fingerings, baroque articulation, intonation and baroque interpretation and solo/ensemble literature.