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  • Daily Gazette: Questions and Answers from a Flutist: "Flute is one of those instruments that attracts many adherents. At professional orchestra auditions, there can be hundreds of applicants for one job. Teaching posts are no different. Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough, however, has beaten the odds..." -Geraldine Freedman


  • The Daily Gazette: "Choir Performance of Bach's Passion all About Location" "The orchestra, which used Baroque-style instruments, was terrific. Flutists Yvonne Hansbrough and Andrea LeBlanc, who were both playing traverso, or period wood flutes, were especially seamless in their two arias with Davis." -Geraldine Freedman

  • Times Union: "The three performers entered wearing black half-masks and plain black clothes. The opening Vocalise had Hansbrough singing and moaning while simultaneously playing her flute, a virtuosic and truly ghostly gorgeous cadenza slightly resembling a whale cry..." -Priscilla McLean

  • Times Union: "Saint Rose Camerata and Carnival of the Animals" "The three works in the concert’s rather short first half were just as picturesque. In the “Marbella Fantasy” a 2004 trio by contemporary Russian composer Andrey Rubtsov, flutist Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough and oboist Sherwood Wise functioned like adjoining curtains that open and close on a variety of scenes, from pastoral to psychedelic. Hansbrough’s playing was particularly appealing. She maintains a cohesive tonal color from top to bottom and her articulations are pointed and clean..." -Joseph Dalton

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