Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough

Flutist and Teacher

Historical Flutes

Baroque flute

..After intermission came the more melancholy Cantata No. 78 "Jesu, der du meine Seele (Jesus, though who didn't take my soul)." Here the emotional content came mostly from the Empire Orchestra, an early music group organized by cellist Andre Laurent O'Neil. During an aria by Harrison, Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough had a haunting and memorable solo on the wooden flute...(Times Union,  Joseph Dalton, June  5, 2006)


The Florida State University: chamber music studies and solo baroque flute studies

The Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin College: Christopher Krueger, baroque flute; Kenneth Slowik, conductor

Wildacres Flute Symposium: Stephen Preston, baroque flute

Amherst Baroque Festival: Janet See, baroque flute 

At The College of Saint Rose: flute students have the opportunity to learn the baroque flute in Baroque Flute Ensemble

  •  Beukers (ca. 1735) made by Simon Polak of the Netherlands
  •  Rippert  traverso (1700) made by Andreas Glatt; pitched at A=392;I love the dark and rich quality of this beautiful instrument
  •  Quantz flute at A=415 made by Martin Wenner of Germany. I love the instrument's power and expressive capabilities and enjoy playing music by CPE Bach and Quantz on the instrument
  • Several  instruments I loan to my students including Aulos Stanesby and Bernonlin
  • Peloubet, NY flute, 4-keyed flute 
  • Anonymous antique 6-keyed flute
  • Anonymous antique 8=keyed flute
  • Collection of folk flutes: ocarinas, quena, pan flutes, bansuri, dizi, penny whistles, etc.


  • EMPIRE BAROQUE at The College of Saint Rose
  • Massry Center for the Arts, 1002 Madison Ave. Albany, NY
  • Cathedral of All-Saints in Albany, NY
  • Boston Early Music Festival Fringe Concerts
  • Skidmore College Filene Series: Baroque Flute
  • The Musicians of Ma'alwyck
  • The Complete Musical Offering by J. S. Bach at UAlbany,
  • The Foundation for Baroque Music Baroque Festival, summers since 2001, Greenfield Center, NY
  • Other performances and lectures at Skidmore College, MTSU, University of Memphis, Virginia Commonwealth University and UT Chattanooga